PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography: Blog en-us (C) 2004-2021 LaShunda Smith Photography. All Rights Reserved. (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) Thu, 25 Mar 2021 04:40:00 GMT Thu, 25 Mar 2021 04:40:00 GMT PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography: Blog 80 120 Expecting Joy - A Maternity Teaser Story Sometimes, somethings in life, leave you with expectation of great joy.

And a bit of laughter. (I love your sense of humor)

May you have peace and laughter chase you down.

May unconditional love surround your loyal heart all your days.

Enjoy your images, You have been teased.

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I am my beloved and my beloved is mine: A union Teaser Story I am my beloved and my beloved is mine!

Neither storms, winds or rain can keep love away.

Nothing can separate you when you choose to walk with each other.

May you continue to daily walk and talk

May you choose laughter and joy

May you continue to delight in one another

May you enjoy moments of love and peace in the midst of stormy weather

Congratulations E & C. Enjoy your images! You have been teased.

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On Your Toes Miss T.: A Senior's Around Town Teaser Story Crazy shifting weather, change is in the air, on your toes Miss T.,


The future is waiting on you to be

"what you want to be if you try to be what you can be"1.

May each day be your stepping stone into a peace filled future,

do not fret over the unknown, may you rest in each moment, it really is okay,

and may joy come to you day by day.


Enjoy your images, you have been teased.

1: Poem excerpt from "Hey Black Child" by Useni Eugene Perkins

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Shades Of Him: A Seniors Around Town Teaser Story Though things may change

there are some constants that remain.


A love for life,


a love for the game.


The many shades of you illuminate the vibrancy of the treasure you are.


May you always be gentle.


May you always be kind.


Congratulations! You have been teased.

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Her Own Pace: A Seniors Around Town Teaser Story - Miss SD Time flies by so very fast, while you walk through life at your own pace

carving happiness in all the places you go,

stepping up in determination and grace

your future looks bright.

May doors open in prosperity and your heart's desires be met.

Enjoy your images, you have been teased

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A Rough and Tumble Princess: AATurns 4-5 To the rough and tumble pretty Little princess who turned 4-5

May your days be filled with joy

and books and toys,

and the best in cosplay costumes.

Happy Birthday little lady love. Enjoy your images, you have been teased.

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All About Family - Love Matters: A Portrait Teaser Story The joy of family prevails.

Being there, laughing together, loving each other, building up one with another 

In the midst of shifting and challenging times, when so much in life shows you that you don't matter, love wins, family wins

May peace abide. Family Matters. Black Lives Matter.

Enjoy Your Images, you have been teased.

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QuaranTEENed : A Seniors Around Town Teaser Story Time flies and you have come into your own, a young man on the cusp of adulthood.

Seasons change, and nothing is the same, but as you prepare to graduate, know that you are the good that remains.

You bring something special to the world, there is a place for you. 

May you dance in joy, and celebrate all life has to offer.

Enjoy your images, You have been Teased.


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A Vow To Cherish: R and Y - A Wedding Teaser Story There is a story in the bible about a man who goes into a field,

finds a treasure and sells all he has to buy the field in order to have the treasure hidden within.


R and Y, you have found treasure in each other.

May you cherish one another, hold each other dear, cultivate each other with care and affection.

May you shower each other with patience, and sow kindness, pour out hope and belief over one another.

May the blessings of God spring up in your life together, and may you take the time to enjoy the harvest God gives to you.

Enjoy your images, you have been teased.

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Y and R: A Not-So-Much of a Tease, Engagement Teaser Story I have been keeping a secret, and I am so glad it's out!!!!


We pray you have constant joy and that peace prevails throughout all your days! So Supper excited for you two. Enjoy your images!

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Beauty and Grace You know that house you can always go to where you never had to wonder if you were welcomed or not? You know, that person who owned the house, who never close their doors, who welcomed you with loving open arms? That was my aunt Virgie. She was that person, that was her home. We grieve the loss of her, because we miss her, because she was a wonderful person. She represented home, a place to breathe, a place where you always belonged. We sorrow, because she was a person that we love. We grieve because we will miss her, not because we're falling into despair and not because we don't know where she is, she is with the Lord. She was a woman who believed in and lived her life as if Jesus were really her friend, someone that she could talk to whenever she needed him. It was He who carried her in her last moments. But we mourn and we grieve for her because we're going to miss every warm hug, every smile, we're going to miss all the good food, we're going to miss how she made us feel like we belonged. She was truly a woman of both grace and beauty and she exemplified Christ with her life. Rest well Aunt Virgie.


Family, to view/download images CLICK HERE.

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A Weekend to Remember - A Wedding Union Teaser Story for E&O It was triple the fun at this three day celebration

as people from around the globe came to celebrate the dashing Mr. E, and the gorgeous Mrs. O

The moments were filled with the joys and hopes of two families as these friends set to unite their lives.

May your union prosper, your joy overflow and your home be flooded with laughter throughout all your days.

Enjoy your images, you have been teased!

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This Little Beauty : A Birthday Teaser Story She's not so little anymore, but I remember when...

When this silly face was a little bit smaller,

and this sassy smile could not be broader,

but this? Are those duck lips?!


But I am oh so glad that she is our reason to celebrate today!

Happy Birthday Little Beauty! We celebrate and love you! Enjoy your images, you have been teased!

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Unstoppable: A College Graduation Teaser Story This is where you begin.

Look into the future

let nothing stop your flow,

take one step at a time,


always learn and grow.

The world awaits.

Enjoy your images, you have been teased.

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A Time to Celebrate! A Graduation Teaser Story Congratulations DS! A fantastic beginning

To an awesome journey with a bright future filled with service and honor.

Job well done!

Enjoy your images, you have been teased.

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Glitter and Gold : A Champaign Party Teaser Story Fun filled moments abounded as family and friends came with well wishes and joy for the gorgeous Miss KB,

who along with her friends and her date, looked amazing as they headed off to the prom!

I hope you had a fun evening filled with laughter.

Enjoy Your Images! You have been teased!

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Love On Purpose: A Memorial Story

As overwhelming as this weekend was with half thought out hastily made plans, my heart was made glad by the genuine welcome of family. From cousins who grabbed me, zipped me around, and showed me all my unspoken desires, to my aunt who's familiar face, a reflection my moms, who didn't seem to mind me clinging to her or looking to her for guidance as she introduced me around, to people who opened their hearts and homes and arms and hands to me, whose kindness even in the middle of their grief eased the angst in my own heart. Peace-filled healing conversations with uncle's and aunts that looked out for me when I could have just been left out. I saw love reflected in their hearts and faces and words and hugs. Family. Beautiful people, grieving people, giving people, family people. Love freely given, love freely reciprocated.

Click HERE for Images



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A Good Man - A Farewell Tribute With a family as large and as spread out as mine, it's easy to drift past one another lose contact or never even engage with one another. But it was different with my uncle Rayford.  He grabbed ahold and held on tight. He made sure we were kept aware of the families goings on, and every so often we kept in contact to make sure everyone was okay. He was often the first to celebrate with us and quick to share with us his joy.

I found out yesterday that he passed away. I've been searching for images I had of him to share. Often times these are the only things we carry with us once a person has passed on. Each image holds a different memory. Funny how hair styles and outfits take a back seat at times like these, but the remembered moments of laughter or weirdness can oft times lift a hurting heart. I don't have many images of Uncle Rayford, but these few remind me of the way he embraced us, and cared after us. I am also realizing that I am too often missing in the images I have with the people I love. Don't let busy-ness keep you from missing out on the things that may one day be your greatest treasured memories.

In the last few years we have buried friends, clients, grandparents, mentors, uncles, cousins... It seems as if we can't turn around without grief waiting for us. And we do grieve. We grieve because we are separated from those we love and care for. And there is a time to grieve. Yet at the end of our grief, for there is truly an end, we hold on to hope that one day we will be reunited.

I am glad to have been embraced by a man determined to love me as family. I will miss my uncle Rayford. I know he is resting now. To my family, I pray for peace. May the God of comfort be close in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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A Family Christmas : A Funfilled Teaser Story A Family Christmas

with all the laughter joy and tears, with all the happiness fun and fears,

being together, being close this time of year, is the greatest treasure so hold your family near.

May your smiles rival the brilliance of the suns light,

and may all your days be merry and bright.

Enjoy your images, you have been teased.


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Where I Belong : A Poetic Union of a Teaser Story I searched inside the depths of my heart and found you residing there, and on this day we choose forever to love, to honor, to cherish completely wholly totally without reservation. Rest well and have peace, you belong here, you belong with me.

Your heart is where I belong I find the best parts of me reflected in your eyes.

Enjoy Your Images. You have been teased!


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A Family Affair: A 60 Year Vow Renewal Teaser Story It was truly a family affair as everyone came out to celebrate this beautiful couples 60th year vow renewal.

Theirs is an enduring love that has been tested and proven throughout the ages


an aged well seasoned fine love


honoring 4 generations of faith and faithfulness and dedication in marriage.

Your love is an inspiration. May peace and joy be the continuous melody you dance to throughout your days.

Enjoy your images You have been teased.

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Tiny Two's : A Toddling Teaser Story This tiny toddling pretty little person has us all a bit captivated.

She truly has a mind of her own and she knows what she loves.

"Mum, mum, slide!" (Um slide means swing but who's gonna argue with this face?)

Happiest of Birthday's Little Beautiful. You are fully truly adored.

Enjoy your images, You have been teased!

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A Time to Laugh: A 10 Year Anniversary Celebration Story Life is not only fun and games, but with this couple, it sure could be!

Here's to being comfortable in your own skin,

Here's to loving each other outside and in, here's to celebrating each moment as they go by,

And here's to a peace-filled future lit by the Son's light!

Enjoy your images you have been teased!

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Gorgeousness With Fabulousness Sprinkled All Over : A Family Matters Teaser Story It was well worth the wait, the hike, and the trek, to spend some quality portrait time with this family filled with a whole lot of gorgeousness and fabulousness sprinkled all over!

It is always a pleasure for us to see smiling happy faces.

May you always enjoy laughs together and bask in tender joyfilled moments. May you always treasure one another as the gifts you really are.

Enjoy your images you have been teased

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Poise and Grace : A Prom Night Teaser Story

Years worth of memories have culminated to produce a gorgeous young woman with grace and poise facing a life of purpose.

This beautiful treasure has been a wonderful part of our lives since she was a baby. I can recall when at the age of 3 she got into my makeup and looked at me innocently with red lipstick smeared across her cheeks and eyeliner on her lips. So glad she got that straightened out!

Remember always that the One True and Living Lord, loves and cares for you. You can trust Him with your heart. You are blessed.

Enjoy your images


You have been teased!

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38 : A Retirement Teaser Story Wall to wall celebrants filled the room to appreciate C.B. for 38 years of faithfilled service and commemorate the contributions she poured into them over the course of her career.

Well done lady! May this next adventure in your life prove equally and even more satisfying as the last. May your accomplishments be greater and far richer than those you have already made. You have come far and have much farther to go. Your future looks bright.

Enjoy your images. You have been teased

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Celebrate Love A slight breeze cooled the air on this beautiful day as family and friends gathered to witness this fabulous couple's public celebration of their love.

May peace continue to cover you as you walk with one another. May your hearts and minds be knit together with compassion and understanding as you grow and become one. May joy flood your home all the days of your life. May generosity and goodness flow from and towards you. You are blessed.

Always take time to CELEBRATE your love

You have been teased.

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Mr. & Mrs. : A Wedding Teaser Story All the details came together on a beautiful spring day to bless this beautiful couple

as they united two families and became one.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. B!

May your life be filled to overflow with adoring moments you will treasure for a lifetime.

Enjoy your images you have been teased.

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Flawless and Fabulous: A Doctoral Graduation Teaser Story Look up world there's a new Dr. in town with a passion for education and a heart to match!

The flawlessly fabulous Mrs. KB. is enhancing lives and enriching our future moment by moment.

It was truly a pleasure photographing such a gracious and genteel lady.

AND there is so much more to come!

Enjoy your images! You have been teased!

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Sassy and Sweet : An Engagement Teaser Story Sassy and sweet or should I say sugar and spice?

This fun lovely couple made this wind swept day oh so very nice!

So much sass!

May your upcoming nuptials be joy filled and overflow with laughter. Enjoy your images! You have been teased.

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Don't Blink! : A Desert Treasure Teaser Story This Multi-talented desert beauty is a treasure indeed!

Braving the chill was worth it, just to have her around

Her joy-filled laughter and genteel manner brought out the sunshine on the chilliest of days.

May the works of your hands praise you.

May you keep your heart as open and free as your infectious smile.

May you value and treasure your own worth and share the gift that is you, it makes the world

a better place.

Enjoy your images. You have been teased!

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When Peace Comes... This is a post I have delayed writing for many reasons. As a photographer I often am called on to document the good, the not so good and the ugly. The day before one of our annual all family portrait sessions, This happened...

Father Of 5 Shot, Killed In Compton Garage

Click Link to read the article here


I have been at a loss for words ever since. I have been with this family for over 10 years documenting births, birthdays, graduations, reunions, proms, adoptions and regular old lets just get together and make images, and then I was asked to participate in the eulogizing of a man whose family started as clients but quickly became friends.

In 2017, so many have passed on in my personal family and in my close circle. I understand your grief. You and your family will remain close in my heart and in my prayers. I will not stop praying until peace comes.

Here is the link to the images from the Memorial Service


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He's Turning One! : A Super Smashing Teaser Story This bold, daring, handsome little superhero,

is turning one!


Oh the places you will go and the things you will explore. May your everyday be filled with wonder and joy.

Enjoy Your images, You have been teased!

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Family Forever : An Adoption Teaser Story These little beauties brought great delight to all who attended and participated in their adoption hearing.

Their sunshiny smiles lit up the court room and nearby play yard as they stepped into a new position in their forever family.

May All your days overflow with boundless energy may you explore and conquer the world around you with grace.

Enjoy your images, You have been teased

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Day of Joy : A Wedding Teaser Story

Today we were honored to celebrate K & G, two friends who vowed to love, to honor, to cherish, to become family, to become one.

May you always have occasion to laugh and may tender moments abound.

May your life together flourish on a foundation of honor and respect and kindness and patience and gentleness and faith and hope and love.

May you always believe the best of one another and may days of joy abound. Enjoy your images. You have been teased.

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Happy Birthday W.G! I have been remiss! Last week we had the pleasure of celebrating with the extraordinary WG at his lively 70's themed party! 

People showed up ready to party in their velvet and satin showing off their fro's!


May Every year of your life be as amazing fun and love filled as your party was!
Enjoy your images. You have been teased

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It Takes A Village : A Dedication Teaser Story People came from miles around to celebrate Baby T, as his parents dedicated him, their first born son, and his raising, to the Lord.

Only the outpouring of love, the blessings, the well wishes from each and everyone, surpassed the gathering of this village.

Little Sir may you always find arms stretched wide in welcome for you, hands extended in friendship, and good fellowship. May love and God's blessings surround you all your days.

Mr. and Mrs. A, enjoy the images, you have been teased.



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Ezekiel Hughes : A Tribute Today my grandfather, my mother's father, has been laid to rest.

This man with a tribe of children and a deep gravelly voice was my last living biological grandparent. I will miss the phone calls at random times. "LaShunda this is your granddaddy" and "how's the baby girl?" (He meant Yolanda) are phrases that have seared themselves in my memory over the past 10 years.

To my vast and extended family I pray for your peace, and though we are not there, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Lena, thank you for being awesome and loving Ezekiel and taking care not just of his body but also of his soul. It is a comfort knowing he came to know and love the Lord and is even now resting with God. Rayford thank you for keeping us in the loop.

We hope to come soon and visit with you all. Life is short. forgive quick, laugh often, love hard.

I am thrilled I got the opportunity to know you a bit here on earth and I pray that all of us will see you again in Heaven.

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Windswept Beauty - A Senior's Around Town Teaser Story

We are so glad the rains stayed away as we spent a chilly day with this windswept elegant beauty.

With a touch of sass, a ready smile and a willingness to walk a mile or two, Miss. D. graciously accepted well wishes and congratulations from onlookers.  We truly had a great time playing around some of the AV's treasured jewels.

May your steps be sure and the roads you travel be filled with peace and prosperity and may you be blessed to accomplish your goals. Enjoy your images, You have been teased!


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Black and White Ball Congratulations Pastor W D on 15 years in Pastoral Service at Rock of Faith. Below you will find the link to view the portraits from the ball.


View Rock of Faith Black and White Ball Portraits Here. Click Here.

]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) Thu, 08 Jun 2017 02:28:07 GMT
Moms Daughters Family and Friends: A Jazz Tea and Paint Party Everybody came to celebrate!

Old friends, new friends, moms daughters and overachievers too! And masterpieces were created in a breezy atmosphere with warm tea and yummy treats. What a wonderful and relaxing day as we all sipped on tea and painted. Happy Mother's day EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To View All The Images Click Here

You have been teased!

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The World Awaits - A Newborn Teaser Story: Welcome Baby TA

Their world became vastly more exciting with the arrival of T.A. on April 28, 2017, and oh what a grand adventure awaits!

Where will you go? Who will you be? We all with joy filled anticipation wait to see!

May your eyes behold God's goodness all the days of your life. May you confidently pursue your dreams and follow hard after your vision. You are a blessing.

Enjoy the images. You have been teased!

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Precious in Pink - A Newborn Teaser Story : Welcome Baby PM

Little Miss P. made her arrival into the world on April 14, 2017 and she is positively precious in pink and delightfully darling!

May all your days be peace filled and may you in all ways experience the greatest depths of abiding joy!

Enjoy your images! You have been teased!

]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) LaShunda Smith Photography Photographers newborn photography photosutreasure portraits Tue, 09 May 2017 21:49:05 GMT
A New Love - Welcome Baby SD : A Newborn Teaser Story A Little Love to ring in the New Year brings family and friends from far, farther, and near.

May your ears always be attentive to the voice of God and His Holy presence be near. May wisdom be the path you tread, may understanding be as a jewel you hold dear.

"For this child I prayed; and the Lord hath given me my petition which I asked of him" 1 Samuel 1:27

Enjoy your images. You have been teased.

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A Coming Joy - A New Years Eve Portrait On Location Session Oh what fun it is to... be surrounded with family at the onset of a new year,

sharing laughs and hugs switching seats, joy filled tugs!

The coming year looks bright filled with promise. May you always stay close and your laughter never end. Happy New Year! Enjoy your images. You have been teased!


]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) LaShunda Smith Photography Photographers photography photosutreasure portraits Mon, 02 Jan 2017 22:02:14 GMT
Awaiting A Princess - A Newborn Teaser Story The time has finally come for us all to celebrate the arrival of Baby K.

This darling little princess is beloved by her whole family and adds an extra bit of joy to all who are graced with her presence.

Welcome to the world little lady.

You have been teased.

]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) 2016 LaShunda Smith Photography Photographers maternity newborn photography photosutreasure portraits Sat, 17 Dec 2016 16:52:43 GMT
Raise Up A Child : A Newborn Teaser Story Children are a blessing and a gift from the Lord, babies, the fruit of the womb, are a reward. Psalm 127:3

And what a precious little blessing Miss A is! Here truly is a little lady who seems to know what she wants. She came here on her own terms and is ready to take the world by storm!

May all your days be peace. May you grow in wisdom and knowledge. May you honor your parents and the rich heritage you come from. May joy be your constant companion and peace flow from your lips. You are precious, purposed, uniquely crafted, cherished and loved. 

Congratulations! Enjoy your images. You have been teased.

]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) 2016 baby images LaShunda LaShunda Smith Photography Newborn Photography Photographers baby images lashunda maternity newborns photography photosutreasure portraits Sun, 23 Oct 2016 03:56:14 GMT
Friends, Partners, Parents : an Anticipation Teaser Story We are excited to share along with Mr and Mrs W in the anticipation of their soon coming addition to a truly lovely family.


With an intelligent and boisterous big brother and a delightfully happy big sister,


I am sure your newest little one will multiply the joy your family already exudes.



May the love and friendship you share continue to be a vital part of the foundation of your family. May joyous laughter always fill the rooms of your house. Enjoy your images. You have been teased.

]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) 2016 LaShunda LaShunda Smith Photography October Photographers Smith photography photosutreasure portraits Mon, 10 Oct 2016 22:39:15 GMT
She Said Yes! An Engagement Teaser Story Surprise after surprise after surprise, oh and did I mention, SURPRISE! A romantic horse drawn carriage, a non-engagement portrait session, an intimate family dinner

A choice, a vow, and THE question we all awaited with great anticipation! and that is just the beginning!

He who finds a wife finds the good in life! Blessed, happy and content is the man she chooses!

Congratulations! May all your days be wonder filled! Enjoy your images, You have been teased!

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Desert Beauty : A Hidden Treasure, Seniors Around Town Teaser Story Today we braved the outdoors in search of desert treasures with A.M., and nothing daunted this fiercely, fabulous High School Senior.

We traveled high and low through the sun-scorched city of Lancaster.

With a smile as radiant as the sun, a genteel personality and a sharp mind, A.M. is sure to electrify every place her foot shall tread.

May your dreams and goals propel you to great heights.

Enjoy your images. You have been teased

]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) 2016 LaShunda LaShunda Smith Photography Senior Photography Smith photography photosutreasure portraits seniors around town Sun, 14 Aug 2016 05:11:03 GMT
It's All About Family : A Reunion Teaser Story There truly is nothing like family, and we were thrilled to capture images of such a beauty filled family at this Family Reunion!

We had such a fun time capturing you all! Enjoy your images! You have been teased!

To View your Images Click Here and Enter your Gallery ID (Contact Segaro Bozart)

]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) Tue, 09 Aug 2016 18:12:07 GMT
A Night Of Tradition, A Union Of Families : A Teaser Story It was a night filled with tradition, the uniting of two families, two people, two hearts.

An overflowing hall filled with gorgeous people with open welcoming hearts all there to celebrate J and J as they embark on a new journey together.

May your days be filled with peace, and may love be your guide. You have been teased!

]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) 2016 LaShunda LaShunda Smith Photography Photographers Smith photography photosutreasure portraits Tue, 28 Jun 2016 07:32:46 GMT
Someone's Gotta Work A 2016 168 Film Project So we made a short film for the 168 Film Project and we are pretty excited about it! It will be debuting during the 168 Film Festival August 20 -21 at Regal Cinemas. Tickets are on sale now. For more information go to

I will be posting the link for our trailer soon, but until then, enjoy some of our BTS Images. To see the rest CLICK HERE


Hope to see you in August!

]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) 2016 LaShunda Photography film someone's gotta work team 12 Wed, 15 Jun 2016 08:06:15 GMT
A Funfilled Night : A Prom Teaser Story We all came from near and far to see my cousin Z and his gorgeous prom date C, off to their prom.

An evening I am certain was filled with oh so much laughter and fun!

As you prepare for graduation and the next journey your life will take, know that I take joy in seeing the man you are becoming, and we are honored to have played a small part of your becoming.

Enjoy your images. You have been teased.

]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) 2016 LaShunda LaShunda Smith Photography Lancaster Photographers Los Angeles Photographers Photography Smith photography photosutreasure portraits seniors Sun, 05 Jun 2016 08:02:20 GMT
Rushing Winds : A Mother's Day Teaser Story What a fun time we had with this handsome little boy who's smile brightens even the greyest of skies, and his gorgeously beauty filled mama.

Such a lively intelligent little prince of a child confidently resting in his mama's love filled arms


Happy Mother's Day TH. You have been Teased!

]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) 2016 LaShunda LaShunda Smith Photography Photographers Photography california lancaster mothersday palmdale photography photosutreasure portraits quartz hill Sun, 08 May 2016 05:24:42 GMT
Happy Birthday Mama! Today we had the awesome privilege to celebrate a beautiful, genuine, loving, intelligent, compassionate, fierce, woman, my Mama!


I  learned true friendship at your knee, I learned to seek out and celebrate the best in people from watching you. I know that love truly never fails as I see it shine in you triumphantly. You never give up on people even when they are at their worst. You graciously extend favor and you keep your heart tender. Courageously you stand up for what is right while at the same time you show compassion. You are my perfect human example of strength and beauty.

My whole life I have always wanted to be as beautiful as you, to look at me and see the parts of me that look like you.

My hope now is to have the same beauty filled character, decency, honesty, compassion, and faith, shine in me, that unwaveringly shines in you.

It is my honor to celebrate you. Oh and You have been teased!

]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) LaShunda Smith Photography 2016 portrait photography photography photosutreasure portraits Fri, 29 Apr 2016 06:22:53 GMT
Beauty Filled Naturally Oh what fun to play in the sun on a fantastically beautiful day with this naturally beauty filled lady.

May God bless the works of your hands and may your every endeavor bring glory to His name. You have been teased!

]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) LaShunda Smith Photography photography photosutreasure portraits Tue, 26 Apr 2016 08:13:08 GMT
Miss D. P. Around Town : A Senior Portrait Teaser Tale We had a truly divine time around town with this young artist who herself is a work of art,

 Purposed, driven and destined

a masterpiece in motion,

May all your days be peace. May you accomplish your every goal, may beauty and light shine through the works of your hands.

You have been teased.

]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) LaShunda Smith Photography Lancaster Photography Senior Photography Senior Pictures 2016 photography photosutreasure portraits portraits around town seniors Mon, 18 Apr 2016 07:09:35 GMT
All Because Two People Fell In Love : A Newborn Teaser Story We were thrilled to hear the news that Baby M was near, and excitedly hopped in our car to drive miles and miles over the mountains and the hills to photographically welcome the newest member of the Arbuckle family home.

Baby M certainly kept us all on our toes, with her beautiful eyes just like her mama's and cute little face that resembles her daddy.


We are honored to be a part of a community of love surrounding her.


May all her days be filled with exuberant and uncontainable joy. You have been teased.

]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) LaShunda Smith Photography newborn photography photography photosutreasure portraits Mon, 14 Mar 2016 20:35:41 GMT
Welcome to the World! A Newborn Teaser Story Baby CM, this super cute, precious little bundle, is ready to live life out loud on her terms.


Take the world by storm little lady!

May all her days be filled and overflow with love, joy, and boisterous laughter.

You have been teased.

]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) Angeles Beach California LaShunda Long Los Photography Smith babies newborns photography Wed, 02 Mar 2016 02:12:49 GMT
KAPPA Sweetheart Ball Portraits Are Now Available The KAPPA Sweetheart Ball Portraits are available!


To view your Images, Click this link to go to,

Click on Client Galleries and enter the Gallery ID from the Event Business Card or contact your local KAPPA representative for it.

Click on the Image and enjoy.

]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) LaShunda events photography photosutreasure Tue, 16 Feb 2016 02:51:43 GMT
Krimson and Kreme A Valentine's Day Treat Its that time again! The Antelope Valley Nupes are hosting  another spectacular Krimson and Kreme Ball!


Are you looking for the perfect place to take your sweetheart this Valentine's Day? This is it! And yes PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography will also be there this year again, so come photo ready! Check the flyer below for more information or call your local KAPPA today! See you there!

]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) 2016 LaShunda Photographers event photography photos photosutreasure portraits smith Mon, 08 Feb 2016 21:20:29 GMT
A Time To Love: A Wedding Teaser Story Of all the seasons in life, my favorite are seasons of love. The time when hearts are joined and families are made, where peace, hope and unity prevail.

It was our joy to witness this season springing up in the lives of Mr. and Mrs. M. as they joined their lives together. May peace prevail and a new joy emerge in your life.

May love abound throughout every season.


This is truly a time to love.  You have been teased!  

]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) lashunda photography photosutreasure portraits smith weddings Sun, 10 Jan 2016 17:32:05 GMT
Peace-filled Anticipation : A Maternity Teaser Story We were thrilled to capture these moments as C and M happily await in peaceful anticipation, the soon coming arrival of their baby girl.

Their little lady has so much love awaiting her.

May your daughter bring a vibrant joy into your every moment. Congratulations. You have been teased

]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) 2015 LaShunda Photographers Photography Smith maternity photography photosutreasure portraits Thu, 17 Dec 2015 22:55:20 GMT
A Gentle Little Man: Introducing Baby G.O. This weekend we had the great pleasure to capture images of this little cutie Mr. G. O. His parents adore and take great delight in this sweet gentle little man, and who wouldn't with his calm demeanor and watchful intelligent eyes.

May all his days be peace filled. May he excel in good works and grace cover him all the days of his life. You are truly a blessed family. You have been teased.

]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) 2015 Angeles CA LaShunda Lancaster Location Los Photographers Photography Portraits Smith maternity newborn on photography photosutreasure portraits Tue, 10 Nov 2015 07:46:45 GMT
Gentle Streams - An Expectation Teaser Story Through the valleys and over the hills, into the mountains we went, to photograph the most delightful couple as they celebrate the imminent arrival of their daughter.

Joyfully anticipation surrounds them as they wait to lavish their love on their baby girl, and like our trip the journey is well worth it.

We too can hardly wait for Baby Z to come into the world.

You have been teased.

]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) 2015 LaShunda Photography Smith maternity paradise photography photosutreasure portraits springs Mon, 12 Oct 2015 08:35:26 GMT
Joy Looks Good On You : An Anticipation Teaser Story It is with great joy to photographically announce that my gorgeous friends are anticipating the arrival of their first child, and let me tell you, this has been one of the most anticipated and challenging teaser stories I have ever written! I can not tell you how many times I tried to write this.


Our hearts are filled with joy and prayers for this truly adventurous globe trotting couple! Even their portrait session was an adventure, filled with twists and turns and intrigue! What began as a tender gentle portrait session

Quickly dissolved into fun filled raucous shenanigans. Imagine my surprise when I saw the beautiful CB enter the room wearing this! Oh the fun we had!!!! They may look all serious on the outside but they are TOTALLY goofy on the inside and we love every part of them!


May the Lord our God strengthen you, and cause your home to overflow with a rowdy joy, a joy that makes you laugh loud and long. May He fill your days with abundant life. May even your serious moments be filled with peace and confidence in His unfailing love towards you. May you continue to rest knowing you are completely, wholly, entirely, cared for in Jesus. You have been teased.


]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) 2015 LaShunda Photography Smith bedrest images lashunda maternity photography photosutreasure portraits Mon, 14 Sep 2015 19:19:22 GMT
D.I.Y. Detective : A Comedy Short Issac Moran has to choose between his obsessions and his family. A short comedy produced by Honey Smith Productions for the 168 Film Project in 2015

]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) 2015 comedy detective diy film honey lashunda photography photosutreasure production short smith Fri, 04 Sep 2015 06:34:19 GMT
Al "Papa" Edwards : A Memorial Tribute "Papa", my cousins grandfather whose life we celebrated today and whose passing we mourn, was a gifted business man who truly cared about his people and his community. 

I remember when I received my first college acceptance letter, in the mail, and when he saw it he asked me, "Didn't you have to write an essay for your college application? Give me a copy, my colleagues and I want to look it over". Ok so I admit I thought it was strange, but I arranged to get him a copy and the next thing I know I am sitting in a room being interviewed for a scholarship. It was the first I received, and one of the things that made me keep going when I wanted to quit. Knowing that people in my community were rooting for me and willing to back me by putting their own money on the line. Thank you Papa. You were a great example of what hard work and dedication can become.

For the family, we broadcasted live from the services, and the video will remain online for the next 30 days.
Here is the link :

Al's Memorial Service

Contact Kendra for the password.

]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) Fri, 28 Aug 2015 05:22:15 GMT
A Quiet Romance : A Weddings Out Loud Teaser Story We were honored to create a love film for Mr. and Mrs. S, a gentle lovely couple who joined their lives together today. It was a great joy to hear and witness what their genuine friendship and caring has wrought in their lives and that of their family. People came from far and near to celebrate their union.

May you always champion each other. May you cherish the friendship you have cultivated over the years. May you comfort and find comfort in one another. May all your days be peace filled and joy full. You have been teased. (DVD Cover Image)

]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) lashunda loud out photography photosutreasure videography weddings Sun, 23 Aug 2015 06:38:46 GMT
Joy : A Birthday Story Happy Birthday Beautiful!

Though this day has mixed emotions for you, I pray you know the depths of joy too. You are so loved, precious, smart, funny, goofy, compassionate, kind. Beautiful. You are the embodiment of possibility. Though you grieve the loss of your grandfather on this day, know that we celebrate your life. You are a gift.

I am overjoyed that you came into our family. You have definitely given us years of love laughter and joy. May you be comforted and may you give comfort. May you feel the tangible touch of God's love. May you rest, and trust your heart into the hands of God.

Happy Birthday Kaja

]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) Tue, 18 Aug 2015 23:22:05 GMT
Multi Passionate : An Around Town Portrait Teaser Story This is Pastor W.D. Jr, our very first adult Around Town Portrait Session client. And what a session it was. We were honored to capture the vivacious W.D. Jr engaging in a few of his passions. He is genuine, open, exuberant, and he attacks every challenge with enthusiasm.

It was truly a great experience "tuck and rolling" with you. Enjoy your Images. You have been teased!

]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) around lashunda photography photosutreasure portraits smith town Tue, 18 Aug 2015 01:57:31 GMT
Happy Birthday Brittany Happy Birthday Sis!

]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) Mon, 17 Aug 2015 10:13:16 GMT
Happy Birthday Yolanda

A birthday sisterly love story. Just a tad bit late.

]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) Mon, 17 Aug 2015 08:28:37 GMT
CJ : The Best Frisistarant. A Happy Birthday Tale Because there are no words in the English language that could completely encompass the fullness of who you are to me, I made up a word that really only scratches the surface. You are a friend, a sistah, and one of the best assistants I have ever had. You have challenged me personally and professionally, cared about what I cared most about, grieved with me, pushed me, aggravated me, went toe to toe with me, and helped me to build a business I can be proud of.

I generally don't get all mushy, but I felt it was time to publicly express how awesome you are. You are beautifully talented, there is literally nothing you can not do (although I have yet to hear you actually play the violin hint hint), smart (sometimes too smart), direct, honest, tenderhearted, passionate, creative, super organized (almost manically so, it's one of the things we clash about), thoughtful, giving, loving, faithful. You don't seek the limelight though it should shine brightest on you, you are goofy and your BC has been annihilated (I mean who hasn't seen the Wiz!?) and even though you choose Z's side waaaaaaaaaaaaay to often, I am glad I know you.

May your Birthday bring you joy as it does for me. I would say you have been teased, but um, you've seen these already. I think it's PAST time for some new Images. I mean you do work for a photographer...IJS

]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) Birthday lashunda photography portraits smith Tue, 11 Aug 2015 21:22:39 GMT
Love Overflowing : An Adoption Story I had the most wonderful privilege to witness this gorgeous "big sister" and "big Brother" being adopted. They were so excited they showed everyone their Adoption Posters lovingly created for them.

May they continue to know the love of all their family, and grow confident in knowing how very treasured they are. It was truly a joy. You have been teased.

]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) Tue, 11 Aug 2015 07:01:55 GMT
Mykayla Grad This is a throw back video for a truly amazing young lady with an awesome heart. We are so glad to share this with you.

]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) around bts docu-destiny family film grad lashunda photography senior seniors smith town Tue, 11 Aug 2015 03:38:11 GMT
Sister's In Ministry 10th Annual Prayer Breakfast and Torch Awards This years Annual Prayer Breakfast hosted by the Sister's in Ministry was truly a wonder filled event filled with praise, prayer, worship and surprises! What a true joy to celebrate the honorees, women of influence, and to share in prayer for wisdom, our nation, our world and one another. We were honored to be a part of this awesome event for the 6th year running. It is truly a joy to serve.

Enjoy! You have been teased.

]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) Sisters annual breakfast dawson in ministry prayer sim sonja Sun, 19 Jul 2015 06:56:16 GMT
Surprise: A Happy Birthday Teaser Story Family and friends, from near and from far, gathered to surprise and celebrate Ms. J for her 75th Birthday.

jjbirthday-1 jjbirthday-2 jjbirthday-3 jjbirthday-4jjbirthday-6 jjbirthday-5 jjbirthday-9 jjbirthday-8 jjbirthday-10 jjbirthday-7jjbirthday-16 jjbirthday-12 jjbirthday-13 jjbirthday-11 jjbirthday-18 jjbirthday-14 jjbirthday-15 jjbirthday-17

There was laughter, tears, open hearts, wisdom, high heels, and food that flew off the plates, all in honor of a truly deserving and inspirational young woman. Happy Birthday Ms. J! You have been teased!

]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) Tue, 30 Jun 2015 23:21:43 GMT
C.S. A Prom Night Video Celebration A few weeks ago this gorgeous young lady and her handsome date were sent off to prom amidst much love laughter and oh so much style. Experience a taste of what that day was like for them in this video.

]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) Fri, 19 Jun 2015 23:03:14 GMT
Happy Birthday TD! : A Cinematic Event

May your everyday take you on grand adventures!

]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) Tue, 09 Jun 2015 04:19:00 GMT
Congratulations Grads: A Graduation Teaser Story We were privileged to participate in the graduation celebration of some truly upstanding respectful and accomplished gentlemen. And their family and friends came to party! We almost even took a step towards the dance floor.

Congratulations BL and B and to the graduating class of 2015! May your days be bright, and opportunity remain in your path. You have been teased!

]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) Tue, 09 Jun 2015 04:00:00 GMT
D.I.Y. Detective : A 168 Film Project Teaser Hi All, Here are a couple of trailers for our 168 Film Project Film we made a couple of weeks ago. To watch the film and other fantastic film projects made by some truly talented and hard working producers cast and crew, plan to attend the 168 FILM FESTIVAL August
29-30,2015 (Sat-Sun), at Regal Cinemas Premiere House at LA Live in Los Angeles! For ticket information visit

]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) Mon, 08 Jun 2015 20:41:00 GMT Come Together: A Wedding Teaser Story It was a day filled with excitement. We hopped all over the greater los Angeles area in preparation to celebrate D & C’s Wedding. Everything came together beautifully like these two hearts and their two families to create one fantastic evening.

May all your days be better than you expect. You have been teased.

]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) Sun, 31 May 2015 09:05:00 GMT
C‘s Champaign Party : A Sparkling Prom Story A fun-filled family affair with all the trimmings, and Miss C. truly did shine.

With the support of family and friends you have all you need to conquer the world. Hope your prom night was as dazzling as you! You have been teased!

]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) Sat, 30 May 2015 08:45:00 GMT
Happy Birthday and Congratulations Grad – A T.D. Teaser Story   From the desert sands of Palmdale to Laguna Beach’s sandy shore, friends and family with fun, food and fellowship combined to make this overnight celebration spectacular. Everyone gathered in droves to celebrate this well accomplished, gracious, humble and beautiful Young lady for her 18th birthday.   tdbd-2 tdbd-1 tdbd-7 tdbd-3 tdbd-6 tdbd-4 tdbd-5 tdbd-9 tdbd-8 tdbd-10 tdbd-11 tdbd-12 tdbd-13 tdbd-14 tdbd-15 tdbd-16 Your horizons look bright. Consider yourself teased. tdbd-17 ]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) Sun, 17 May 2015 08:21:00 GMT Just in time for Mother’s Day If you were at the Western Baptist Usher or AVCC Hat’s Off to Mom’s your images are available for viewing and purchasing. pmde-21   avccho15-3

To access your images go to and enter the Gallery ID on the back of the business card that you received. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) Sun, 10 May 2015 07:09:00 GMT
In One Place: HSP.SEEDPLANTADESIGNS.COM   It is no secret that LaShunda Smith Photography offers videography and cinematic services, including Weddings Out Loud, Promotional Videos, Commercials, Event Videography etc., now you can see them all in one place! image

Want to see some of our work? Go to : Leave a comment and let us know what you think

]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) Wed, 06 May 2015 23:58:00 GMT
The Sweetest Light   I sat working at my desk two days ago, when suddenly the light changed. It startled me in how abrupt it was, so abrupt in fact that I looked out my window and realized I had caught a glimpse of the sweetest most beautiful natural light and conditions I have witnessed in a while. So I grabbed my camera. istl-1 istl-3 istl-5 istl-8 istl-7 istl-9 istl-10 istl-11 istl-12 istl-14 istl-16 My Ben decided to model in the window light for me, and I was only too happy to capture him. He really is a gentle beast. istl-17 istl-19 istl-20 istl-18 His “session” went so smoothly, I tried to shoot my Tui…  after her, I put my camera away. istl-21 istl-24 istl-23 istl-22 What makes you want to create? ]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) Mon, 27 Apr 2015 22:58:00 GMT With You By My Side–An Engagement Teaser Story   Amid an oasis of green on a perfectly breezy and beautiful day, CR and DL were peacefully nestled among the carefully cultivated bonsai trees, meandering paths and still waters of a hidden oasis in Little Tokyo Downtown Los Angeles. The Japanese Gardens was the perfect setting for their engagement portraits as they scaled, crossed and climbed along the beautiful pathways.
crdleng-1 crdleng-7 crdleng-8
crdleng-9 crdleng-10 crdleng-2 crdleng-3 crdleng-4 crdleng-5 crdleng-6 A truly gorgeous couple who are simply great together. We can hardly wait to capture special treasured moments on your wedding day. Have a beautiful! You have been teased. ]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) Sun, 19 Apr 2015 07:55:00 GMT
Carpinteria   Up the coast we went for a private birthday celebration, and we took a bit of time away to enjoy this cute little ocean front town.   abbcarp-1 One of the most amazing things I found was that this beautiful place was fairly DRIPPED with oranges. The orange trees were like Joshua trees in the desert, Everywhere and flourishing even unattended. Awesome. abbcarp-1-2 abbcarp-7 abbcarp-2 abbcarp-3 abbcarp-4 We toured a local artisans home. His place was so inspiring to me and encouraged me to keep going with our place. Over time it will be all I hoped for and maybe more abbcarp-5 abbcarp-6 abbcarp-8 abbcarp-9 abbcarp-11 abbcarp-10 abbcarp-12 A pleasant time was had by all. I am looking forward to another trip up that way. ]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) Sat, 18 Apr 2015 02:54:00 GMT Custom Hand Crafted Just For You   Did you notice your products are now coming in different but still one of a kind specially made, custom hand crafted packaging? custom boxes It’s our way to say thanks! We appreciate all that makes you uniquely you!   ]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) Fri, 20 Mar 2015 00:44:00 GMT Let’s Catch Up!   There has been so much going on, and I can hardly believe it’s February already! January flew by so fast! Photographically we were a bit backlogged over the holidays, so we kept our heads down and got work done (it is more than acceptable to applaud here). There was some coughing and sneezing, tissue, tea, and OJ, and a wonderful trip to Nashville TN. Side note ok? I MUST say that the fair people of Nashville TN are amongst the friendliest, most helpful, kind and patient people I have met. It made coming home a bit of a shock… Moving on. 20150202_115442 20150202_115529 20150204_172306 20150204_162404 20150204_162733 I have started two point five new personal projects for this year. I love learning and creating; and doing things to minimize and alleviate stress is always a must. To that end, I have begun creating handmade and stitched books.  20150130_101417 20150125_204732 20150130_101452 20150201_230126 Just look at that binding! And I can get as creative or keep it as simple as I want! There are so many options. It’s the point five portion of my personal projects in that I have no intention to continue to make books all throughout the year. But then again, you never really know. I do however intend to do some sewing again for me and My Fav. I have some challenging projects to tackle which I hope to have time for on a monthly basis, though I did just skip the entire month of January, sigh… 20141224_035751 And finally there is a Book Reading Challenge I am partaking in that you are free to join if you like. The goal is to read 50 books in a year. In that I have always been an avid reader and tend to read way more than 50 books a year, I decided to make this more of a challenge for me, though you can do the challenge as is and read 50 books. I am not including audio books, I will regularly include nonfiction works (shuddering), and I am also writing mini reviews on each one. If you are participating, in the 50 Book Challenge please note that everything and every person we encounter changes us in some way, books are no different. What you read can easily be assimilated into your belief system so choose your books carefully. That is enough for now. Putting my head down for the home stretch in that I have some video projects to finalize OH!!!!!!!!!! and do you remember the 168 Film Project? Well it’s that time again. More details later but if you are interested you know how to reach me…

]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) Sat, 07 Feb 2015 11:19:00 GMT
A Few Of My Favorite Things   Normally this time of year has me reflecting on the previous year’s highlights, month by month. This year I thought I’d do something different and share some of my favorites from 2014 here with you.   My Fav – Ok so you know he had to be on here right? It is after all a list of favorites. Favorite Dish : Zucchini “spaghetti” made with organically grown veggies from our garden food Favorite Book : I am an avid reader, and if you’d asked me at another time of the year my answer may have been different, but this book is reawakening something in me that went into hibernation,Reckless Faith: Let Go and Be Led by Beth Guckenberger.  I bought a couple for some friends too. Favorite New Feature Film : Mom’s Night Out. HILARIOUS! Moms   Favorite Film on Repeat : Facing The Giants Favorite Christmas Song (even though my all-time favorite song is “Oh Holy Night”) : “O Come O Come Emanuel” Favorite YouTube Personality : Willie Moore Jr. #FlatOut! Favorite Stress Relief : Crocheting Slippers (approx. 26 in all not shown) slippers Favorite Show : Face Off (thanks Yo for recording them!) Favorite Image : Made by My Fav at Mono Lake lt714-132 Favorite Destination : Um… Scottsdale? Tahoe? Any place with my Fav. I love being where he is (mostly, He is rather more adventurous than I am, I tend to be quite shy and he is not. At ALL) lt714-136 lt714-62 Favorite Songs : Ok these are just the MOST repeated ones this year because my list is super long Oceans by Hillsong United, The Anthem feat. William Murphy – F.G.B.C.F.I Ministry of Worship, Revelation Song by Kari Jobe, You Paid it All by Wes Morgan, Adoration by Forever Jones, Messengers by LeCrae, Psalm 23 by Jeff Majors, Psalm 23 by Juanita Bynum, Where You Are by Lisa McClendon, oh and That Girl by Justin Timberlake (I Know I know…but really it is a great song and I can’t get it out of my head!).   Favorite Moments : Car chats with my Fav, biking at Lake Tahoe, watching the LAST set of pups being born, laughing at said pups trying to walk for the first time on “wood” floors, getting my toes done with my mom, family feud nights with my sis, having my picture taken with ALL my siblings, watching my brother marry his forever mate, chatting… umm crocheting with my Craft Club, photographing foster families, watching my God daughter refuse to take off the knit hat and scarf set, and denim and lace vest I made for her, being in and harvesting from our garden, teasing my husband’s grandmother, worshipping with flags and scrimmers (a scarf streamer), singing loudly alone in my car, and every moment God reminds me He is near. Have a blessed and filled Happy New Year!

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Mr. and Mrs. P, A Family Affair : A Teaser Story   It was an all night celebration of a long time love affair. And party they did! On a brisk Antelope Valley evening, T and T pledged to love, to honor and to cherish. To work with and support each other, and to walk with one another for all time.   ttpwed-1 ttpwed-2 ttpwed-3 ttpwed-4 ttpwed-8 ttpwed-11 ttpwed-6 ttpwed-5 ttpwed-7 ttpwed-9 ttpwed-10 ttpwed-12 May you with tenderness adore and hold precious each day you have one with another. May the love you share continue to spread and overflow into your family and friends. May you always have a ready laugh Mr. and Mrs. P. ]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) Mon, 17 Nov 2014 06:07:00 GMT Random Thoughts : Floral Revelation   I was off in my imagination as I am prone to be from time to time, thinking of the time early in our marriage when My Fav brought me home one tootsie roll to help me kick my chocolate habit, I was going through withdrawal don’t judge me, and there was a question posed to me. “Why don’t you like flowers?” And here begins the lesson. plant2 Why don’t I like flowers? I do like flowers. I have flowers in my garden and I love them. But for someone (like My Fav) who wants to bring them to me, well, I’d just as soon have fabric or yarn. It’s not that I don’t like them. Really they are beautiful. These are my favorite. plant3   It’s just that they don’t last. They die too quickly. To enjoy them for a very short while, you have to go through strange interventions (putting aspirin or bleach in the water…), and then they are gone. Once they are disconnected from their source, they are susceptible to all manner of ailments, they become limp, and lose some the of their luster, they need to be kept in hospice like situations to hang on with constant nursing, at a constant temperature and they are outside their original purpose. But plants, flowers in a field or garden. They are different. Do they die? Yes. All things living will someday die. But when they do, because they are connected to their source, all of their energy, their life essence, is returned to the root of the plant feeding that next generation of flowers. While the flower is connected to the plant, the glorious sunlight it receives feeds the root, enriches the soil, provides nourishment for insects, birds amphibians etc., and in return it’s life span is extended and it glistens so much more brilliantly. plant1 As are we. When we are connected to God, The Source of All Life, we never really die or cease to exist. The essence of who we are remains in the generations that come after us. When we are connected to God, The Source of All Life, our purpose, that which brings us glory, enhances and enriches the experience of all connected to God, The Source of All Life. And all who are connected with us benefit from our shine. When we are connected to God, The Source of All Life, our living experience is rich and full and long we are satisfied with long abundant life. plant4
John 15:5 (CJB) | In Context | Whole Chapter

 “I am the vine and you are the branches. Those who stay united with me, and I with them, are the ones who bear much fruit; because apart from me you can’t do a thing.”

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Love Them As I Love Them – A Cuddle Story   Sooo the time has come for these wee ones to move on to their forever homes. I absolutely ADORE them and would keep them if I could. If you are interested in a dog to love, let us know asap. They are getting their first shots on Saturday. They are 8 weeks old. All girls. Super cute and loveable. They are German Shepard mixed, highly intelligent, easily trained, protective and friendly, and they will be big dogs. pups-10 pups-5 pups-6 First Born (aka Little Black) pups-8 Second Born (aka Chunk) pups-9 Fourth Born (aka the fitness guru or 4) pups-7 pups-3 pups-4 pups-11

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Nothing But Love   I love the way my family loves! We may not see each other every day, sometimes years may pass before our faces meet again, but there is no denying the love that flows freely when we are all together as was the case in the wedding of my brother and brand new awesome sister in love, James B. and Vanessa. jvwed-22 Family and friends on both sides travelled from near and far to celebrate their union, with a purpose and desire to be a blessing. As this couple embarked on their life journey together, we brought our ‘A’ game. We got our smiles and got our groove on! jvwed-20 And you would not believe what I had to resort to to get this shot! jvwed-26 It was nothing but love. You all make me glad!

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Romance Conspiracy: A Oneness Teaser Story   All the events of the day conspired to manifest the romantic love inspired union of JB and V on Saturday November 1, 2014. After much anticipation, a host of witnesses gathered to participate and bless this couple. Family and friends transformed into a community honoring JB and V with their presence. They came from far, very far and near to bless this gorgeous couple and all received a blessing in return. jvwed-5 jvwed-2 jvwed-1 jvwed-6 jvwed-7 jvwed-8 jvwed-10
jvwed-12 jvwed-17 jvwed-29 jvwed-15 jvwed-16 Oh and this happened too! jvwed-23 jvwed-24 May your joy last always. May you always treat each other tenderly.
jvwed-11jvwed-14 You have been teased! ]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) Mon, 03 Nov 2014 06:42:00 GMT
I Promise: Our Excuse Film   In 2011, My Fav and I and some AMAZING people set out to produce our very first 168 Film Project Short Film. DVD Video cover First our intended script writer, was underage which I was unaware of and we could not get permission from her parent… sigh. So I ended up writing the script and what was supposed to be a fantasy fairytale type of film, turned into a period drama about a couple of orphans! Soooo after having securing costumes (THANK YOU DAISY’s on the BLVD, I hope you reopen soon!) and location  permits fees… I find out we cannot use the cabin we initially wanted to use, as it was being rented for the week by a camp for a retreat. The owner was so sorry for the scheduling mix up, and allowed us to shoot on the exterior for a flat rate and use another cabin during the early morning hours. She was amazing! Plan CDEF… lol! We could use a friends place for the interior spots. We had purchased some oak wood flooring for a personal home improvement project, not perfect but we can make due. THEN along came some unexpected help from some more AMAZING people who allowed us to use their home which had dark wood flooring already! AND the Jenkins Family had EVERY prop we could imagine needing ON HAND! SCORE! IMG_7177 Some of the actors would not be able to make it. I asked others to join, or refer and guess what? They DID! I LOVE YOU TAS and DS! You are my heroine’s. Finally the day of shooting arrives. Sigh. Some of the actors and crew got lost not having printed out the directions we provided, some  gave up and went home, one even ended up near Las Vegas! We had to scrap our whole shooting schedule and make one up on the fly. Then we began shooting, AND it began to snow. IMG_6840 IMG_6838 IMG_6871 IMG_6877 IMG_6882 IMG_6915 IMG_6966 IMG_7054 IMG_7084 IMG_6923 IMG_6831 IMG_6827IMG_6854 IMG_7101 IMG_7121 IMG_7095 IMG_7123 IMG_7032 Management warned us there was a weather warning and if we did not leave soon, we would be snowed in. I lost over half my actors. No worries. I sent our caterers to our second location (OK THAT WAS SOME AMAZING FOOD LET ME TELL YOU! A fabulous friend of mine catered for us at cost, out of love, and it was the HIGHLIGHT of the day. People STILL talk about the food lol!) I know this is long thanks for hanging in there. I need you to know this before I post the film because otherwise I‘d NEVER post the film! LOL! Now where was I. Everyone, and I mean everyone got parts! If you stood around you were IN the film, my sister, the boom mic operator, the production assistant, you get the idea. Let me say this. Our film was butchered BUT the experience of overcoming adversity AND turning in a completed project, though not perfect, taught me so much, making me a better story teller and really a better person. I learned that I don’t have to depend on myself to get things done. That good people out of the good treasure of their hearts will pour out their gifts, time and talent ,if given the opportunity. I have hidden this film away all these years out of embarrassment, but today I am proud of it. Of what we all accomplished under some truly extenuating circumstances. I thank everyone who had a part in the making of it. You hold a special place in my heart (AND if you want your copy email me your address they are ready for you here on my desk.) I have stalled enough. Here it is. If you read all this you deserve the viewing. Enjoy. OH And let me not be remiss! These images are courtesy of Yolanda Davis. My sister is also an amazing photographer!

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Action Packed! A Super Christian Weekend   Super Christian debuted at the 168 Film Festival with the support of most of its cast and crew. From left to right starting with the back row, we have Marvin Paige, The producer of our theme song Super Christian (fabulous job you made my lyrics come to life), The gorgeous talented Melody Paige our star and lead vocals for the song Super Christian, Marvin Jr. supporting vocals for Super Christian, Keith Davis guide, Paul Moran cinematographer, Crystal Dickerson Pen Girl and friend, LaChair Dickerson Homework Girl and friend, Yolanda Davis craft services and extra, Brianna Chatman Mercy Girl and friend, AJ Baltazar (he is just a cutie), Kaja Baltazar friend, LaShunda Smith (me), Kyla Baltazar extra and grip
sep we-12 After the showing the kids got to walk the red carpet and meet Nathan Kress Star of iCarly sep we-6 sep we-7 sep we-4 sep we-1 sep we-9 sep we-10 Chair and Nathan Chair and Nathan2 AND….. Here is the film. Enjoy.
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CJD : A Baby Dedication Story   Truly they are one of our favorite families. From a memorable Surprise Wedding to a backyard baby dedication, we have stopped trying to figure out what comes next! We were elated to celebrate along side them, their family, and friends, from near and far. In an intimate ceremony that all participated in, they made a commitment to God and their son to purposefully teach CD and raise him to know The Lord. cdixbd-14 cdixbd-19 cdixbd-17 cdixbd-1 cdixbd-22 cdixbd-12 cdixbd-8 cdixbd-11 cdixbd-9 cdixbd-16 cdixbd-15 cdixbd-18 cdixbd-20 cdixbd-2 cdixbd-3 cdixbd-5 cdixbd-21 ]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) Tue, 14 Oct 2014 03:21:00 GMT Green Festival : Our 2 Hour Dash   After a fun filled awesomely exhausting and inspiring time at the 168 Film Festival, we were all set for a relaxing day at the Los Angeles Green festival. I had a plan. Go directly after church and slowly peruse each and every aisle learning about new and existing companies that cater to our lifestyle.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you were unaware that we do in fact live a pretty green life, though I guess we are not your stereotypical green people. However, we are vegan, into sustainable architecture, grow a lot of our own food, embrace recycling believing in reducing, reusing, and love alternative energy sources. Sounds pretty green to me, lol! sep we-13 sep we-14 So back to my plans… so we um woke up late, and praised God for streaming Church Services, and rested a bit. But in that we already purchased our tickets, we got ourselves together and headed there. We made it with exactly two hours to see everything. Did you know that I have a Type A personality? no? My new game plan went into effect. We would focus on those companies we were curious about, do some taste testing on foods we may want to purchase, and gather information from everyone else. Well my plan did not call for this company. I have a weakness for tea and absolutely LOVE Sencha! And this tea even though it has coconut in it, grumble grumble and I am slightly allergic to coconut, is amazing! sep we-15 sep we-16 sep we-17 One hour in and we were still on the first aisle! We had to swivel and not stop as we passed company after company with amazing products that suited even my gluten-free lifestyle. I just started snapping pictures as we walked by if I thought we would be interested. That is until my battery died…sigh grumble grumble. sep we-18 sep we-19 sep we-20 sep we-21 sep we-23 sep we-24 sep we-22 We made it! And, came away with some products we absolutely love. Making better plans for next year! Learn more about the Green Festivals here. Some of our favorites from the Show are Beanfields Chips, Truce Non-Toxic Cleaning Products, Hugo Naturals Gluten-free Vegan Body Products, Clif Bar KIT’s Organic Fruit + Nut and Fruit + Seed Bars, Chicza Organic Chewing Gum, Bella Vado Avocado Oil and Body Products, Raw Cane Juice and Jerry’s Almost Pickles.
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Tried and True : An Engagement Love Story   The temperature dropped about ten degrees. The wind blew gently over the lake. The crowds on this holiday weekend were beautifully non existent, and this beautiful peace filled couple, made for a truly awesome time as we meandered around in our fair city of Lancaster, CA. tteng-3 tteng-2 tteng-7 tteng-5 tteng-6 tteng-8 tteng-9 tteng-4 tteng-11 tteng-10 tteng-12 tteng-13 tteng-14 Of all that happened to create what turned out to be a pretty perfect engagement session, the laughter shared by all during their Intimacy Portraits was my favorite. tteng-15 tteng-16 May you continually be a source of joy one for another. May love be the first rule in your home. May laughing out loud be a daily event for your family. Enjoy. You have been teased. ]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) Sun, 31 Aug 2014 06:18:00 GMT Forever Friends : A Wedding Teaser Story   With all the details carefully considered, family and friends flocked to celebrate the union of Mr. and Mrs. C. kawed-1 kawed-2 kawed-4 kawed-7 kawed-5 kawed-12 Time has only strengthened the bond between this beautiful bride and handsome groom. A childhood friendship blossomed into love. kawed-6 kawed-10 kawed-13 kawed-14 kawed-16 kawed-15 We pray your days are filled with peace as you walk together, that your love remains fresh and ever present, and that you will be friends forever. Congratulations. You have been teased. kawed-11 ]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) Fri, 22 Aug 2014 06:32:00 GMT Shift and Shake Your Dreams : A Life Conference   The halls of El Camino College’s Performing Arts Center, hosted Life Coach A.T. and the Dream Team’s Shift & Shake Conference. Those in attendance were motivated and challenged, to evaluate their lives, to walk boldly in their dreams, and to dream again. Courses on overcoming obstacles, financial planning, debt management, networking, along with practical exercises on pitching your dreams, confidence builders, and goal setting, filled this two day conference. We count it an honor to have been in attendance. btdwc-44 btdwc-46 btdwc-2 btdwc-28 btdwc-53 btdwc-11 btdwc-7 btdwc-22 btdwc-48 btdwc-16 btdwc-20 btdwc-33 btdwc-43 btdwc-41 btdwc-42 btdwc-13 btdwc-40 btdwc-23 btdwc-31 btdwc-32 If you are in the Atlanta area, we highly recommend you check out their next conference. You will not be disappointed. ]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) Thu, 21 Aug 2014 06:07:00 GMT Join Us! A 168 Film Festival Invite  

This is our second time producing a film for the 168 Film Project, and we are excited to announce and bring it to you. Our short film will be screening at 10:00am on Saturday September 13, 2014 at the Aratani Theater in the Japanese-American Cultural and Community Center
244  S. San Pedro Street, Los Angeles, CA, during the 168KIDS Event. To attend, purchase a 168 KIDS! pass (just for kids 5-15 years old) for $5 or get the “All Fest,’” “VIP” or “Saturday” Ticket which all include Kids’ events.

168 KIDS! Schedule

A World of Kid-Sized Fun

September 13, 2014- 10:00am-12:00pm
Aratani Japanese Theater 244 S. San Pedro Street, Los Angeles, CA
KidVids Short Films Screening; Fun for your kids and the kid in you!
Kids Red Carpet Star Treatment, a Screen Test, Games, Face Painting and Food with Nickelodeon stars: Nathan Kress (iCarly) and Carmina Garay (React To That).
11:45am-12:15 – 
“Your Child and Hollywood” –
Experts Discuss the World of Young Actors. To attend, purchase a 168 KIDS! pass for $5 or get the “All Fest,’” “VIP” or “Saturday” Ticket which all include Kids’ events. The 168 Film Festival runs Friday September 12 @ 3pm – 9pm through Saturday September 13 – 10am – 9pm with the Awards Show on Saturday Evening. And I must say that if you do decide to attend the entire festival, you will be in for a treat. There are truly some amazing films that were submitted this year. View Trailers Here If you were a part of our film and would like to attend contact me directly (You know how) so I can arrange to get your ticket to you. Have a beautiful.

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It’s ALMOST Her Birthday! : A Teaser Story   Ok so I have been very good but I can wait no longer. “It’s only two more days” you say. I know I know but I am going to do this any way! So here is Miss. Yo. One of my 3 sisters who will be celebrating her birthday in two more days! She is always a challenge, but secretly I look forward to her yearly birthday portraits. Each year HAS to be better than or at least different than the last, and this year was fun. It started out as a 20’s themed portrait session yod14-4 yod14-3 yod14-5 yod14-6
yod14-7 yod14-2 yod14-1 And kind of ended up with fire and brimstone?! yod14-12
yod14-10yod14-11 With some 80’s, and flower power in between. yod14-8yod14-9 yod14-13 yod14-14 yod14-15 yod14-16 Then she channeled her “Inner Beckett” for her “Castle” fan sister. (Amongst my favorite!) yod14-20 yod14-21 yod14-19 Then getting ready for the beach we never intended to go to. And Yup, always doing something special in the middle of my session! yod14-23 yod14-24 yod14-25 yod14-26 Strangely enough, in this image she sort of looks like me! I had to do a double take. I must say I never really saw a resemblance… yod14-22 But this one is all her. yod14-27 Happy EARLY birthday sister. May God give you the desires of your heart. You have been teased! ]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) Mon, 04 Aug 2014 04:00:00 GMT
L.A. Sentinel: Published–Contributing Photographer and Writer   Just a quick note and some exciting news I wanted to share. If you are in the L.A. or surrounding areas, pick up tomorrows LA Sentinel and check out the religion section to catch a quick article with images by us! LA Sentinel Online Article Enjoy!

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Much Needed : A Story Of Rest   A couple of weeks ago, My Fav and I took off on our first , there-is-no-real-reason-to-go-vacation, driving through Northern Cal to Lake Tahoe. And it was beautiful! lt714-1 We biked through the National Forest. 12 miles! Up hill! Both ways! Stopping to enjoy the historical sites and attractions along the way. lt714-9 lt714-8 There was a display of ancient banjo’s and reproductions made by an awesome banjo maker who gave us an in depth private tour. You could really see his passion for what is truly a beautiful instrument lt714-12 lt714-13 lt714-16 lt714-14 lt714-17 lt714-19 lt714-20 lt714-21 We went in a cave like structure cut near the lake where we were able to see a creek which runs along the lake. So cool lt714-56 lt714-57 lt714-58 lt714-59
lt714-60 lt714-61 We saw mountains, we saw rivers, lt714-97 lt714-68 lt714-84 lt714-85 lt714-95 we saw this guy and his cousins who I am convinced were plotting an attack on me! lt714-37 lt714-38 lt714-39 And we stopped at Mono Lake and enjoyed its beauty as it is being restored. Why yes we are standing on what was the bottom of this massive lake, and yes that is a cave made by an animal that My Fav wanted to explore. Did I mention it was made by an ANIMAL? lt714-132 lt714-136 lt714-124 lt714-134 In all we had a wonderful time learning to relax. Life truly is now. It’s not a destination you wait to get to. It can not be put off for later, you can not get more of it, you just have to live it. Every moment is a gift. We are finally treasuring our own.

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SUUUUPER EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!   Remember those dresses we made last year? Well I was just sent this link that shows what happened to them! [IMG_9990%255B4%255D.jpg] Lira School Dress Project I feel good All over AGAIN! Thanks C.B. for being the industrious lady you are and finding this as well as sewing this dress and many others! * And thanks Y.D. and C.J. for participating The dresses look soo cute on these beautiful little girls. * We did a bit of good ladies. I am so elated, I think I feel another project coming on! * Please note these images are not mine. No plagiarism nor copyright infringement is intended, I just wanted to share.

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Orange : A Family Tribute   Home going services always tend to put me in a reflective mood. On the one hand family from near and far gather together sometimes after years of absence (kids grow up so fast!), stories are told, history and love are shared, comfort is given, and relationships are strengthened. dohs-1 dohs-15 dohs-12 dohs-17 dohs-20 dohs-24 dohs-23 dohs-13 dohs-5 dohs-4 dohs-18 On the other hand you tend to realize the importance of the people who are in your life and the relationships that you have. People are important, and we should enjoy each other now, take time now to share love and laughter. dohs-19 dohs-21 dohs-2 dohs-26 dohs-14 dohs-25 dohs-8 dohs-3 dohs-6 dohs-9 dohs-7
dohs-10 dohs-11 Today we gathered to celebrate the life and mourn the loss of my uncle. A man who was well spoken of, fondly cared for and lovingly remembered as a husband, father, brother, uncle, and true friend. A man who served God, family, community and friends.

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Sisters In Ministry Annual Prayer Breakfast 2014   It’s that time again!. Many have asked me about the annual Prayer Breakfast that we have been blessed to be a part of documenting for that last few years. Well it is upon us! Here is a teaser from last years event And the information you need to know if you wanted to attend this years event! Hurry there are only a few seats left! SIM Logo “Dedicated to Sisterhood, Excellence in Ministry, and Surrendered Service to the Body of Christ” 9th Annual Prayer Breakfast & Torch Awards
July 19, 2014, 8:30 a.m. The Grand Long Beach Event Center
4101 E. Willow Street
Long Beach, CA 90815 Donation: $30.00 ONLY 25 TICKETS AVAILABLE – No tickets will be sold at the door. Contact via email : “WOMEN PRAYING THROUGH TEDIOUS TIMES” Money due no later than Friday, July 11, 2014

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Inherited Love: A Teaser Story   johnson jr-25 This is a story about a man and a woman who chose to live their lives God’s way. To raise their family to honor and love God, and each other. Who now get to enjoy the fruit of their love filled labor, in the peace filled, joyful lives, of their daughter, son, and daughter in love, along with the pleasure of seeing their brilliant grandchildren glean from a legacy of love. johnson jr-6 johnson jr-7 johnson jr-9 johnson jr-8 johnson jr-17 johnson jr-4 johnson jr-18 johnson jr-5 johnson jr-21 johnson jr-20 johnson jr-3 johnson jr-14 johnson jr-19 johnson jr-26 It is a true saying that love grows when it is shared. It deepens over time. It becomes flooded with compassion, acceptance, generosity. The more it is given and received the sweeter it becomes. johnson jr-16 May all your generations continually be drenched, completely saturated with love. johnson jr-1 You have been teased. ]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) Tue, 08 Jul 2014 06:32:00 GMT Monster Zucchini– A Smith Garden Update   Wednesday July 2, 2014, we decided to harvest our largest Zucchini. An organic heirloom variety we planted from seed back in April/May. Really I had intended to allow it to remain on the vine until we could harvest no more as I wanted to get seed for next year. Alas, it began growing into the border of its bed and we couldn’t shift it higher thinking it might break so harvest it we did. zuccini-1 Now I must say. We knew it was large, but under all those leaves, we couldn’t see just how ginormous it really was! zuccini-2 zuccini-3 About 18 inches long, 15 inches around, and 5in high! Truly it could have grown much bigger. Like most squash, it will continue to grow, as long as it gets the water and nutrients it needs, if it remains on the “vine”. So I think we will try again with another one to see how big we can maintain one. Maybe not so close to the border though! zuccini-4 Happy Independence Day!
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A Gentle Adventure : An Engagement Teaser Story   Over the mountains, through the hills, trudging past deserts, dales and glens, to the oceans’ side,  drenched by high tides, hunted by cats and lizards. And all of it was worth it to share in the excitement of a lifelong love story being written on the hearts of this gentle couple.   jve-3 jve-1 jve-50 jve-2 jve-53 jve-10 jve-6 jve-55 jve-8 jve-18 jve-12 jve-20 jve-23 jve-24 jve-29 jve-30 jve-40 jve-41 jve-31 jve-32 jve-33 jve-43 May all your days be filled to overflow with gentleness, kindness, patience, love, forgiveness, unity, encouragement, joy, peace, companionship, accomplishment, laughter and adventure! jve-54   You have been teased! ]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) Tue, 01 Jul 2014 07:29:00 GMT It’s About Family : A Teaser Story   I love, love. The heart has an amazing capacity to be filled, and overflow continuously, and to flourish and expand, with love. This family has that type of love in spades. It’s an enduring, accepting encouraging type of love that grows and grows year by year.   rm14-1 rm14-2 rm14-3 rm14-7 It shows in the bold confidence in their smiles, rm14-4 rm14-5rm14-10 rm14-11 rm14-12rm14-16 rm14-17 rm14-18 rm14-19   their comfort in laughter, the gentleness in their touch, the wildness in their “par-tay” rm14-8 rm14-14 rm14-9 rm14-15 rm14-13   We are both honored and excited to formally tease you! And you have been teased. You are blessed. Have a Beautiful! ]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) Sat, 28 Jun 2014 09:34:00 GMT BT: A Teaser Story   The first day of Summer, a perfectly fitting, beauty filled day for a portrait session to celebrate a project for new beginnings. Looking forward to seeing what’s next! bta14-4 bta14-2 bta14-3 bta14-5 bta14-7 bta14-6 bta14-8 bta14-1 Have a beautiful! You have been teased! ]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) Sun, 22 Jun 2014 08:04:00 GMT Dinner : Gluten Free Vegan Raw-Nut Meat Sloppy Joes Yum!   So.. I was supposed to have made or at least have prepped some gluten free vegan hotdogs for dinner. But um I didn’t… Still we had to eat and dining out gets really old when your food choices are whittled down to two main dishes. What to do?.. Enter the improvised dinner! My Fav brought home a pack of gluten free buns for some black bean burgers that I also did not make, and I thought to myself why not Sloppy Joes? Here is how they turned out, and YUM! dinner61214-1 dinner61214-2 I altered a recipe slightly for Raw Taco “Meat” made with walnuts. If you know me then you know I don’t usually follow recipes, measure, or remember exact portions for ingredients (thus my food tends to taste differently every time I make it.) But roughly here is what I did: I put walnuts, chopped bell pepper, onion, and a tomato into a food processor with some seasonings. I used a taco seasoning mix, but I thing I may try barbeque seasoning next time, and pulsed until it looked like I wanted it to. Then I piled my Gluten Free Buns with garlic spread, olive tapenade, red leaf lettuce, tomato, and an avocado. And Yes it got all over the place.

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Lemonheads and Laffy Taffy: A Birthday Celebration   We made it! And we are glad we did. a 70’s themed birthday party with a retro candy bar, outfitted guest, and music I grew up hearing to boot. I am still sporting my bubble gum wrapper tattoo. I use to love those. rb40-2  rb40-4 While my fro wasn’t fro-ing for me, I was styling with my hot pink-yellow-orange-baby pink-and black striped /paisley caftan (moo-moo), and so was my Fav in his yellow and brown silk paisley shirt. We had fun! A great excuse to get “dressed up”! Thanks lady for the invite and many happy days ahead! rb40-3 rb40-1 rb40-5 rb40-6 rb40-7 rb40-8 rb40-9

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Etsy Craft Night at Off The 14   I was both honored and thrilled to be invited to the first ever Craft Party at Off The 14. If you don’t know, it’s “Your “go-to” guide to local shopping, dining, events, services & night life in the AV.” Located in a trendy little space on The Boulevard Space722, Lancaster that is, whose owner has a great vision for our home town. And this is what I made! IMG_6889 Isn’t it adorable. It was my first time messing around with rhinestones, and I think It came out great. Thanks Miss A. And yes that is some hand stitched embroidery around the image of my mom. Don’t look too close! My grandmother taught me to embroider by hand, and while I never really got in to it, doing this reminded me of her, and I was glad to be able to embellish this image of my mom with it. Oh and did you notice? why yes, it IS the first image I placed on my wall. Sad I know but as a photographer with literally hundreds of thousands of images, it’s hard to choose just the right ones to display. IMG_6890 So here’s to a great night for beginnings OFF THE 14!

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Negligent : Mother’s Day Our Way   In the wake of everything that has been going on (this is our busy season after all), I was um gently reminded that I never posted images from my own family’s Mother’s Day. Yes I was negligent. But now I am not. Here are some of the most important people in my world. fmomday14-30 fmomday14-29 fmomday14-28 These are for those who comment on the lack of images of us on here. Be content. fmomday14-37 fmomday14-22 fmomday14-32 fmomday14-31 fmomday14-27 fmomday14-26 fmomday14-33 fmomday14-34 The Diva’s fmomday14-35 fmomday14-36 The Goof Balls fmomday14-38 fmomday14-39 fmomday14-1 fmomday14-2 fmomday14-6 Jumping Around fmomday14-40 fmomday14-41 fmomday14-42 fmomday14-43 fmomday14-44 The Sisters – They were up to something! fmomday14-48 fmomday14-49 fmomday14-50   Apparently I am not as tall as I think I am… Shocking! fmomday14-47 fmomday14-45 fmomday14-46 fmomday14-3 fmomday14-4 fmomday14-5 fmomday14-25 fmomday14-7 fmomday14-8 fmomday14-9 fmomday14-11 fmomday14-10 fmomday14-12 fmomday14-13 fmomday14-14 fmomday14-15 fmomday14-16 fmomday14-17 fmomday14-18 fmomday14-19 fmomday14-20 fmomday14-21 fmomday14-23 fmomday14-24 We had a blast. Love these humans. Always. You have been teased! ]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) Mon, 02 Jun 2014 05:27:00 GMT Prom Date : A Family Affair   I remember when he was shorter than me. And for the naysayers, It really wasn’t all that long ago. And here I have been called down by my aunt to make some images for his first prom. smcprom14-4 smcprom14-2 smcprom14-3 I must say, he has grown into a handsome young man, and his mom is most certainly proud. smcprom14-1 smcprom14-5 His date, her prom, is a truly lovely young lady with gentle mannerisms and a great smile. It looks like they will have good clean wholesome fun this evening! smcprom14-8 smcprom14-6 smcprom14-7 smcprom14-9 smcprom14-10 smcprom14-11 smcprom14-12 smcprom14-13 And look at him, being the gentleman we taught him to be! Y’all be good now! You have been teased! ]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) Sun, 01 Jun 2014 05:36:00 GMT A Celebration Story – M Rowley Prom Night   Surrounded by family and friends, this night was a wonderful reason to gather and celebrate. Prom Night. May you laugh the night away ladies and party well. You have been teased. mrpn14-2 mrpn14-6 mrpn14-9 mrpn14-7 mrpn14-3 mrpn14-4 mrpn14-11 mrpn14-12 mrpn14-10 ]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) Sun, 18 May 2014 07:40:00 GMT Legacy : The Gift of Family   We were honored to be commissioned to create a Legacy Image,as a surprise birthday gift, for a wonderful loving lady, a couple weeks ago. Her family traveled from miles around to make this image happen, the one image she said she wanted, of all her grandchildren, together. It was awesome to witness the love this family has for one another. rgc14-1 Enjoy!

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Beauty And Grace : A Teaser Story   Recently we were blessed to have portrait time with a beautifully gracious Lady with an infectious smile, peace filled demeanor, and a fun filled and willing personality. I had such a good time photographing her, I must have laughed all night long. lc-1 lc-2
lc-3 lc-5 lc-4
lc-6 lc-7
lc-8 lc-9 lc-10 May all your days overflow with joy! You have been teased. ]]> (PhotosUTreasure by LaShunda Smith Photography) Tue, 08 Apr 2014 08:50:00 GMT
M.Rowley Around Town–A Teaser Story   mrg-8 This pint sized champion of little people, has a smile that can warm the chilliest of days! An overcomer from birth, this lovely lady is capable, brilliant, crafted with loving purpose, and destined to change the world one family at a time. mrg-1 mrg-2